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Less Sugar For Your Child: Making It Happen Is Easy

If you’re like most parents, you know that keeping sugar out of your child’s diet can be easier said than done. Many of your child’s friends are eating sweets and serving them at parties and school. Advertising is relentlessly targeting your child as a potential consumer of their sugar-packed products. Plus, it’s all too tempting […]

4 Functional Foods Your Child Can Eat for Healthier Teeth

Most people know that there are certain foods they can eat to help various aspects of their health. These foods are called “functional foods.” One example of a functional food is yogurt, which contains healthy bacteria that can improve your digestion. Did you know there are functional foods for strong, healthy teeth and gums? These […]

How to Help Your Child Eat Healthy: 5 Tips for Parents

The world might bombard your children with sugary snacks and unhealthy treats, but there are steps you can take to protect your child’s teeth – and their overall health – based on the relationship you create around food, especially in the home. You would be surprised how much impact you can have with the five […]

“Tooth-Friendly” Eating: 5 Tips For Parents

Proper eating habits are essential for strong, healthy teeth in your child. If you’re serving processed, refined and sugary foods in the home, not only is your child missing out on vital nutrients, they are much more vulnerable to tooth decay, starting from the first tooth. The solution? A little “tooth friendly” eating! 1. Stock […]

Eating Smart for Strong and Healthy Teeth

Want a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums for your child? Food is a huge part of this equation. Your child needs a balanced diet for teeth to develop properly and to form healthy gum tissue. Equally important, you should limit certain carbs in your child’s diet, like sugar and starches, which significantly increase the […]

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