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Getting Enough Fluoride – The Key to Strong and Healthy Teeth

Based on years of scientific studies, fluoride has been shown to be a safe and highly effective way to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. Fluoride not only helps to re-mineralize tooth enamel, but it also prevents tooth decay caused by bacteria. Is it any wonder that fluoride is such an essential part of a child’s dental care?

Started early and used over the course of a lifetime, fluoride helps set the stage for:

  • Fewer cavities and less severe cavities
  • Less need for fillings and tooth extractions
  • Less pain and suffering associated with tooth decay

Obviously, these are huge benefits for oral health – and a great beginning for your child. Here are four important recommendations for getting enough fluoride:

#1 – Visit your pediatric dentist regularly. Pediatric dentists may start applying topical fluorides even before all your child’s teeth come in. These professional fluoride treatments are usually given during every 6-month dental visit.

#2 – Help your child to brush twice daily. The goal here is to use a little bit of fluoride frequently. When your child reaches pre-school age, brushing their teeth should become a twice-daily ritual, first with your help and then on their own.

#3 – Drink fluoridated water. Many communities add fluoride to their water supply to help fight tooth decay. If you give your child bottled water instead of tap water, make sure to choose a brand of bottled water that contains fluoride.

#4 – Use fluoride supplements if necessary. If your community does not fluoridate the water, your pediatric dentist may recommend fluoride tablets for your child to chew or suck on. Ask them about the right products and dosages.

As you know, every child is different. Your pediatric dentist can assess your own child’s risk for tooth decay and determine their specific fluoride needs. With a strong commitment to fluoride, always derived from approved sources, you can help your child have stronger and healthier teeth, both now and in the future.